As we continually try to enhance your digital shopping experience with us, we will be applying a couple of changes to the website and some aspects of our services.

First off, we are now enabling people to pre-order upcoming designs. Every design will carry the allocated number of stocks, with backorders enabled. This simply means you can make sure you don’t run out of your size, especially for people who have contacted us for bigger sizes, which normally run at limited production. Items qualified for pre-order will have a “PRE-ORDER” mark, with its corresponding release date found in the product’s description panel. All unpaid orders a week before the set release date will be cancelled.

In light of this new preorder capability, FREE SHIPPING will be enabled NATIONWIDE until August 31, 2019. Starting September 1, 2019, Metro Manila deliveries will be absolutely free of charge, while deliveries outside the metro (and within the Philippines) will incur just a minimal handling fee of PHP50.00. Simply choose free delivery as an option when you checkout. No coupon needed.

On the payments side, we have been receiving more inquiries, and are working on enabling GCASH as an option to pay very soon. Cash on Delivery (COD) is still something we’re working on, making sure we find a reliable way for you to securely remit your payments. Until then, you may opt for bank deposit/transfer via BDO, or use your local bank debit and credit cards when you choose the PayPal option as your payment method – which is our recommended hassle-free way to pay.

We’ve upgraded our servers, in which you should also notice a noticeable improvement on our website load speed, which helps you view the website in a more efficient way both on desktop and in mobile. Should you encounter any problems regarding our website, please feel free to contact us.

And finally, we have enabled social log-ins. People can now sign-in using their social media accounts. This makes it easier for everybody to enter their accounts in one-click, without remembering their password. At the same time, people who already have accounts can link their social media profiles in their dashboards. Remember to check out our affiliate program once you have an account!

We’re working harder and better in providing you with fresh designs that inspire our very selves to do better in doing what we love and being happy in life. Spread the word, and don’t forget to follow us on social media. Thank you for your continuous patronage!


Ready to earn some money just telling people about Love Army? We are opening doors for people to start their side hustle by sharing their love for Manila Streetwear, and the key message of Love Army, which is “Do What You Love“.

The affiliate program will be open to all registered members of the website, who are at least 18 years old, and reside in the Philippines.

To get started, simply sign in to your account, and head to this link – AFFILIATE DASHBOARD. You should see a button to send an application to become an affiliate. Simply click the button. The page will be refreshed, and that should be it. Make sure you’ve linked at least one social media account to your profile.

All applications are subject to approval, which can take as short as 24 hours. Once approved, you should be able to generate your own links, and monitor all your commissions.

For your questions about the program, head to the Affiliate Program page, which houses a FAQ section.

Hip Hop International Philippines, now on its 6th run, is giving its season a reformat on how things are being run.

Under the fresh administration of Xernan Alfonso and Regine Alfonso since season, HHIPH will run the nationals on April 13 and 14, 2019 with the introduction of the new Mini Crew Division. On top of it off, the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), celebrating its 50th anniversary, will be the official venue of the 2-day national event.

The After-Party has also been set in Okada’s Cove Manila on April 14 at 9pm. Entrance will be free for this year’s registered crews. The after party will also play host for the 2V2 all-styles battles with PHP10,000 cash prize.

The winning individuals and crews for HHIPH will earn the title to be part of this year’s delegation to the World Hip Hop Dance Championships, happening again in Phoenix AZ, USA this coming August 5-10, 2019.

As official apparel partner of HHIPH, we will be there onsite selling official merch for the event, and hopefully, see more faces as we bid to join in on the fun in Arizona.

HHIPH Facebook
Registration for 2V2 All-Styles Battles
Buy Tickets to HHIPH (CCP Main Theater)

Presented by Smart Communications, Inc.


Last Wednesday we visited the office of FM radio station Magic 89.9 as Kevin got invited to guest for the whole show of Boys Night Out, with Slick Rick, Tony Toni, and Sam YG.

After the show, Kevin and I reminisced of the times when he was still starting. Through the hardships and down times, it’s great to have friends support your passion. Pursuing your dream isn’t as easy as pie. Otherwise, it’d be something everybody should simply go for. But apart from the challenges that come your way, just be sure to stay focused on what matters to you – what makes you happy.

For your information, you may now add “Dalawang Isip” to your Spotify playlist!

For bookings and inquiries:
Follow him on social media @kevinyadao.

Hip Hop International Philippines director Xernan Alfonso still at it with his latest choreography video to the tune of T-Pain’s T-Mix of Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up”.

We shot this over at Victoria Court hoping we could utilize the pole dance shower room, but turns out the room’s lights, which were supposed to complement the pole dance shower, wasn’t working :( It was challenging considering the tight spaces we had to work with! Nevertheless a fun night, can’t you tell??

For bookings and inquiries:
Follow him on social media @xernanalfonso

Nike just signed its first ever athlete with cerebral palsy. Justin Gallegos, a cross country runner from Oregon, broke down in tears as he was surprised with the deal. The moment was captured by Eleveation 0m.

Justin, a junior at the University of Oregon, grew up with walkers and leg braces. His condition affected his muscular coordination and balance, and yet, immediately found his love of running when we was Grade 9.

Nike has been aware of Justin when he was still a runner in high school, and has actually worked with him to help develop a shoe for runners with disabilities. As Justin would say it, “Growing up with a disability, the thought of becoming a professional athlete is as I have said before like the thought of climbing Mt. Everest!”.

It’s stories like this which make you aspire to be the best in who you are and what you do. Some people have had tougher situations than we do, and determination and passion has always been key to striving past obstacles and hardships.

It’s impossible until it’s done. Trust the process. Do what you love. Just do it.

Here at Love Army, we’re all about making passion jobs something to be heard of. At this point, we’re more than happy to announce that we’ll be working with TNC Holdings Inc to give the eSports scene of the Philippines more lifestyle and streetwear gear! If you don’t know them yet, TNC is one of the leading teams in the international eSports community, via highly competitive games like DOTA2 and CSGO.

E-sports is a growing culture in the Philippines born from the love and passion of gaming. We are not simply producing clothes, we are two brands who are collaborating to elevate the awareness by crossing the bridge between wearables and a culture.

UPRISING: Our Phoenix Story – Episode 2

The downfall and the rebirth. Watch the second episode of UPRISING: Our Phoenix Story.#RiseofthePhoenix#SummonYourStrength

Posted by TNC Pro Team – Dota2 on Friday, August 10, 2018


Primarily composed of Filipino players, TNC is proudly homegrown and continues to dominate carrying the flag of, not only our homeland, but of gamers aspiring to make it in the ever-competitively growing gaming industry. While Raven and SamH have left the team as of this post, Gabbi and Ninjaboogie, who’ve replaced the players, and coming from other international teams, are still of Philippine roots, maintaining the team’s Filipino-majority roster.

Our latest supply for TNCPredator is composed of their official uniform jersey and two (2) shirts we designed ourselves – the Phoenix pattern tee and a TNC long sleeves tee (both regular cut and hems). You may purchase the items via TNC’s website, High Grounds Cafe, Ground Zero, and other TNC Premium Cafes.

Recently as Typhoon Mangkhut, locally known as Bagyong Ompong, has hit Northern Luzon, TNC is raising the banners and giving everybody a chance to have fun playing as a means to help. Their latest promo will dedicate proceeds to aid those affected by the typhoon. That’s community. For more info, kindly check the official TNC post and watch the video below:

Operation Ompong Campaign Video

Join our esports personalities as we launch Operation: Ompong, a charity event to extend help to the victims of Typhoon Ompong. Play, share, and be a real life hero. Tara, G? #TNCCares

Posted by TNC Cyber Cafe on Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Watch out for more exclusive supply releases with TNC during the Philippines’ first ever major eSports league – The Nationals.

Follow TNC Predator on Facebook.

Love Army is a proud sponsor of Hip Hop International 2018! As an official partner of Hip Hop International Philippines, we were more than delighted to have accepted the invite to become a sponsor of the World Championships, which was held in Arizona Grand Resort & Spa and Grand Canyon University. For results, visit the official HHI post: Junior | Varsity | Adult | Mega

We had fun setting up our booth and meeting a whole lot of people, introducing ourselves to the international HHI family. The atmosphere in the venue is truly move-inducing, as we watched a lot of dancers break it to the groove, and encourage each other to show some moves. No hate, pure appreciation of each other’s craft. It’s also surprising how many Filipinos are spread out through the globe, representing a bit of the motherland in their respective countries. Maybe it’s about time we do a dance documentary covering this. But that’s another idea for now.

We would like to thank everyone who dropped by the booth, checked us out, and even those who hung out enjoying a bit of chit-chat. It was truly a learning experience for us, and we feel more than blessed having spoken with a lot of ‘passion heads’ from different walks of life, who were also able to fully connect with the message and idea behind the brand. It’s funny thinking how a passion for something – dance in this case – has brought all of us in the same area. Remember to tag us in your photos and use #lovearmysupply!

Congratulations to everybody who managed to make it! It’s cliche but if you’re doing it for your love of dance, you’ve already won having made it on the stage. The recognition’s a bonus! But whatever the result might have been for you, always remember that there’s always room to grow and progress further with your craft.

Shoutout to our Philippine delegation who’ve done the country proud: Romancon, HoH, The Peeps, Kingsmen, The Alliance, VPeepz, LMN, Fusion, and Kindred. At the same time we would like to share our love to the delegations of Canada, USA, Dominican Republic, Guam, Colombia, Russia, Ukraine, France, Australia, Ecuador, New Zealand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, Italy, Rome, Romania, Mexico, and all other countries who managed to show us some love!

See you again next year in Phoenix, Arizona!


Filipino gamers are being given another option in life as the nation hits another milestone, as big names in the esports industry collide and create THE NATIONALSthe first Philippine eSports League.

Said league will start 1st quarter of 2019, with a buildup aptly named “The Road to Nationals” starting this August 2018, alongside the hype of DOTA2’s The International happening in Canada, culminating at the eSports and Gaming Summit 2018 on October 26-28, 2018.

TNC Pro Team, Happy Feet eSports, BenPro Inc, PLDT and Smart, STI, and Gariath Concepts, have joint forces to enlighten dreams of gamers all over the nation. And just like the PBA, the Nationals is bound to be televised via ESPN5.

From having esports gamers officially considered and treated as national athletes, it’s only fitting that a progressive nation such as ours starts catering bigger events to the rapidly growing gaming market.

DOTA2 (desktop), Mobile Legends (mobile), NBA2K (console), and a TBA wildcard game were announced to be sure forefront games in the league.

Ready to call it GG? Or are you down to finally go pro? #dowhatyoulove

Source: ESPN5
Roshan Cover Artwork by Ced Alcalde