It’s always a privilege for the brand to collab with dance crews in search to spice their look up. Last year we had the opportunity to produce costumes for a crew from the Dominican Republic to be used in a competition. We’re nothing short of proud to say we witnessed Da Republik perform live as they garnered a spot in the World Hip Hop Champs of 2017.

Recently, we got repped even harder as Da Republik chased the American Dream, and earned its way into the stage of America’s Got Talent with at least 150 million viewers. They even got into Cardi B’s Instagram stories!

It’s amazing to think how passion brought this all together. More than just apparel, the gear reflects Da Republik’s hard work and journey, boosted by Xernan’s craft and dedication, to everything that the brand actually stands for in terms of love and passion.

Congratulations and best of luck!

Designed by @regc.alfonso
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I was invited over to talk in San Beda University’s Career Conference. It was a great honor to give back to my alma mater by means of influencing the career-making decisions of students in the school.

The visit primarily influenced a lot of Grade 9 students, where I talked about the basics of design as a career. In that talk, I made sure to tackle on “Love Army” and the principle of “doing what you love” – how you should be able to live doing what you want in your life, and how I am somewhat in that area, which makes me really happy.

Funny too, because I went with company and managed to make a handful of SBU jackets just because San Beda finally received University status just recently. Received great feedback about it too! So now I’m awaiting the possibility of making official SBU jackets. At the moment though, I’m making the SBU Bomber available for limited pre-order.

More than honored and grateful to be able to share a bit of experience, and possibly influence young minds like this. More about this talk in my personal blog post.

Thank you, SBU! Animo!

Let's go TPM!#TPMRoadToVibeXXIII #TheFunLovingIndividuals

Posted by Josh Junio on Sunday, January 28, 2018


I just want to share this video of TPM, thousands of miles away from home, gathered as a family in a foreign land, ready to compete and claim glory. TPM ended up not placing for VIBE Dance Competition 2018. But I’m sure with this experience as a whole, they gained more than just recognition.

Passion for what you can do will lead you to places where you can hone your craft in more ways ?

Find a group of people who can stand as your tribe, your support system, your each other’s footholds onto greatness. Travel with your passion tribe. Shoutouts go to AdamReden, Aennon, and the rest of TPM – congrats you guys! What you’ve done is something only others can dream of even attempting. FB video by Josh Junio / TPM

Watch the TPM VIBE 2018 video


With the near year at hand and an annual struggle for supremacy, we’reto partner with the newly administered Hip Hop International Philippines, with their drive to bring the nation’s best to compete in the upcoming HHI Championships in Arizona this coming August 5-11, 2018.

But before anything else, a process of elimination will be held nationwide to qualify and represent the Philippines in the USA. The Visayas leg will be held on Feb 17, 2018, while the Mindanao leg will be held a week after that on Feb 24, 2018.

The National Championships will be held immediately a day after, following the Luzon leg on April 21, 2018. Details regarding the venue have yet to be disclosed, but we’ve been teased by the HHIPH Facebook page, announcing judges for the nationals with the likes of 2017 Just de Bout Japan Popping 2 on 2 Battle Winner Kite Masai of Japan, and 2016 MNet Asian Music Awards Choreographer of the Year Apissara JDA Phetreungrong of Thailand.

More names are to be announced with this strong start. Alongside this would be our production of exclusive HHIPH designs:

Stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram for announcements once these items go on sale. What gear will you be grabbing?

When we talk about our purpose as a brand, it boils down to our mission and vision and generally speaking, it’s about being a physical and visual manifestation of being an icon that conveys passion and inspiration. But sometimes, we tweak that a bit to become more.

I can say I’m lucky enough to have grown in an institution that actively promotes brotherhood and fellowship. Even after our high school and colleagiate years, and even after years after that, I still end up reuniting with my batchmates.

At times it’s the usual hi hello drink chug stories scenario. But we’re more than sensitive enough to know when somebody among us is in need. Such is the case of our batchmate JC, whose son, Miggy – almost 3 years old, is currently battling Leukemia. It is with this that I’ve decided to create the Love Army Lions design.

The design is heavily inspired by my alma mater – San Beda College. But more than it looking great and out of the ordinary school spirit shirt, the proceeds of the sales of this design will benefit the family in aiding Miggy’s chemotherapy treatments.

Stocks will be made available during the annual Pista ng Sto. Niño held at San Beda College Mendiola. It will be available in one of the booths at just PHP600 in White, Red, and Black colorways.

If you ever find yourself in the vicinity, drop by, have fun, and maybe get an awesome shirt and help a family at the same time!

UPDATE: 1/28

Special shoutouts to Ryu Policarpio of TKBK for initiating a reunion for JC and Miggy, Charles Santiago of Celebrity Lounge for hosting the reunion with proceeds benefiting the family as well, and to Laurence Borja of Red Lion Prints for making sure the design sold out. Brotherhood and fellowship at its finest.

If you’re still interested to help the family, you may do so by purchasing cookies from the family’s Cookies for a Cause fundraising campaign.

Animo! U.I.O.G.D.

UPDATE: Thank you, everyone! All shirts have been depleted and the Canoneo family is grateful to everybody who helped make this a method of assistance a possibility! Here’s Miggy saying “Thank You” during one of our chats :)

March 2017, I was flown to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of – New York City. Why I was ‘flown in,’ is still a matter in the works as of this post. But one highlight of that visit was the chance of meeting Casey Neistat, thanks to my then new friend – Jerome Jarre!

Casey being “DIY Casey”

I’ve been watching Casey Neistat ever since his video of that USD21,000 plane ride exploded. Since then, I’ve tracked back and watched his videos day-by-day – inspired of how he does what he does. I mean, who knew people could live the way he did? He simply changed the landscape of vlogging and social influence.

It was just earlier that year that I was able to send him gear, of which I was surprised that he’d eventually wear into a Nintendo Switch exclusive pre-launch event. But it was after that when he released a video I really admired. DO WHAT YOU CAN’T – a campaign in collaboration with Samsung. Luckily, I also met Paul who was affiliated with Samsung, is the one (if not one of those) actually involved and responsible for this campaign.

If you still haven’t watched that video up til now, stop and watch it.

It was with this positivity in mind that I opted to make the most out of my trip. I made exclusively designed long tees for Casey’s disposal. I didn’t really post about it given that it was a campaign between him and Samsung.

The design was simple. A handwritten linear design which somewhat imitated Casey’s handwriting done on a black long tee with a curved hem. Written backwards to be read against a mirror, it carries an apple to pay homage to the Empire State. What he did with it, I wouldn’t really know. But one thing’s for sure, I made sure I had one for myself.

Remember, you may not reprint this, and this isn’t, in any way, an official shirt. It’s something I did for Casey personally. If you want to get his merch, you may do so now that he’s selling his own via However, if you still want this shirt, be sure to Tweet Casey! Maybe he’ll oblige for a production!

Last March I visited NYC and was able to meet a lot of new characters and faces. Thanks to my new friend, Jerome Jarre, one of those faces is none other than Ben Stiller. So here’s a photo of us. And that right there, is fashion icon, inventor of Blue Steel, Master of Magnum – Derek Zoolander in Love Army Fishtail Parka ???

How often do you get a person you look up to appreciate what you do and publicly announce it in the world wide web?

Ever heard of the $21,000 first class plane ride experience? Yup. That’s Casey Neistat. And ever since then I’ve been following and watching back all his vlogs and envied how he makes videos for a living. I love videos, and it just seems like a great idea to create a lot for you and your friends to look back to when aging hits you bad. Which is why I created this personal video for my year 2016.

Through my friend, Kevin Yadao, who spent his new year down in NYC, I opted to send some goods over to Casey in his office address – fitting for a guy who makes a living doing what he loves, amaryt? The night when Kevs arrived back in Manila, we met up and exchanged stories like we usually do when I suddenly got a lot of notifications from the @lovearmy Twitter account. People kept tagging and eventually I saw it.

Stoked! The next thing I know, Casey wore it in an episode featuring the Nintendo Switch with Shonduras.

Moreover, The Verge and Shawn also made videos of it featuring Casey wearing it!

Needless to say, we’ve opened up delivery options to more nations now via DHL option.

I’m sharing this to let you guys know that sometimes, you just need to take that extra step. Who knew a simple parcel to show appreciation and a bit of fandom lashed back quite beautifully. Keep on doing what you love and believing in yourself as you do it. Great things happen that way.


Congratulations to everybody who made their way to Manila for the Hip Hop International Philippines 2016 Championships! It’s been a hard journey for all of the crews but there just has to be those who must stand among the rest in all divisions – Mega Crew, Adult, Junior, and Varsity!

We would like to also thank everyone who made their way to our booth during the event – it was a great privilege knowing many of you who came from different parts of the nation!

Be sure to check out your favorite crews’ pages. From here on they will be checking in on opportunities to raise funds for their trip to Las Vegas for the World Internationals! Good luck Team Pilipinas! #RoadtoVegas

Today, the 21st of April 2016, another Legend has left the material world.
Born June 7, 1958, Prince died at the young age of 57 as he was battling the flu.

To bring back a good memory, here’s a collab piece we worked on with Paul Ross of Choreo Cookies alongside local greats of the industry.

Special Thanks to Ascott Residences Makati for supporting the dance scene and letting us use their lobby exclusively for a night.

Xernan Alfonso
Chips Beltran
Gojie Chua
Luis Pascua
Jeremy Viray
Iggy Labiano