March 2017, I was flown to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of – New York City. Why I was ‘flown in,’ is still a matter in the works as of this post. But one highlight of that visit was the chance of meeting Casey Neistat, thanks to my then new friend – Jerome Jarre!

Casey being “DIY Casey”

I’ve been watching Casey Neistat ever since his video of that USD21,000 plane ride exploded. Since then, I’ve tracked back and watched his videos day-by-day – inspired of how he does what he does. I mean, who knew people could live the way he did? He simply changed the landscape of vlogging and social influence.

It was just earlier that year that I was able to send him gear, of which I was surprised that he’d eventually wear into a Nintendo Switch exclusive pre-launch event. But it was after that when he released a video I really admired. DO WHAT YOU CAN’T – a campaign in collaboration with Samsung. Luckily, I also met Paul who was affiliated with Samsung, is the one (if not one of those) actually involved and responsible for this campaign.

If you still haven’t watched that video up til now, stop and watch it.

It was with this positivity in mind that I opted to make the most out of my trip. I made exclusively designed long tees for Casey’s disposal. I didn’t really post about it given that it was a campaign between him and Samsung.

The design was simple. A handwritten linear design which somewhat imitated Casey’s handwriting done on a black long tee with a curved hem. Written backwards to be read against a mirror, it carries an apple to pay homage to the Empire State. What he did with it, I wouldn’t really know. But one thing’s for sure, I made sure I had one for myself.

Remember, you may not reprint this, and this isn’t, in any way, an official shirt. It’s something I did for Casey personally. If you want to get his merch, you may do so now that he’s selling his own via However, if you still want this shirt, be sure to Tweet Casey! Maybe he’ll oblige for a production!

Last March I visited NYC and was able to meet a lot of new characters and faces. Thanks to my new friend, Jerome Jarre, one of those faces is none other than Ben Stiller. So here’s a photo of us. And that right there, is fashion icon, inventor of Blue Steel, Master of Magnum – Derek Zoolander in Love Army Fishtail Parka ???

How often do you get a person you look up to appreciate what you do and publicly announce it in the world wide web?

Ever heard of the $21,000 first class plane ride experience? Yup. That’s Casey Neistat. And ever since then I’ve been following and watching back all his vlogs and envied how he makes videos for a living. I love videos, and it just seems like a great idea to create a lot for you and your friends to look back to when aging hits you bad. Which is why I created this personal video for my year 2016.

Through my friend, Kevin Yadao, who spent his new year down in NYC, I opted to send some goods over to Casey in his office address – fitting for a guy who makes a living doing what he loves, amaryt? The night when Kevs arrived back in Manila, we met up and exchanged stories like we usually do when I suddenly got a lot of notifications from the @lovearmy Twitter account. People kept tagging and eventually I saw it.

Stoked! The next thing I know, Casey wore it in an episode featuring the Nintendo Switch with Shonduras.

Moreover, The Verge and Shawn also made videos of it featuring Casey wearing it!

Needless to say, we’ve opened up delivery options to more nations now via DHL option.

I’m sharing this to let you guys know that sometimes, you just need to take that extra step. Who knew a simple parcel to show appreciation and a bit of fandom lashed back quite beautifully. Keep on doing what you love and believing in yourself as you do it. Great things happen that way.


Congratulations to everybody who made their way to Manila for the Hip Hop International Philippines 2016 Championships! It’s been a hard journey for all of the crews but there just has to be those who must stand among the rest in all divisions – Mega Crew, Adult, Junior, and Varsity!

We would like to also thank everyone who made their way to our booth during the event – it was a great privilege knowing many of you who came from different parts of the nation!

Be sure to check out your favorite crews’ pages. From here on they will be checking in on opportunities to raise funds for their trip to Las Vegas for the World Internationals! Good luck Team Pilipinas! #RoadtoVegas

Today, the 21st of April 2016, another Legend has left the material world.
Born June 7, 1958, Prince died at the young age of 57 as he was battling the flu.

To bring back a good memory, here’s a collab piece we worked on with Paul Ross of Choreo Cookies alongside local greats of the industry.

Special Thanks to Ascott Residences Makati for supporting the dance scene and letting us use their lobby exclusively for a night.

Xernan Alfonso
Chips Beltran
Gojie Chua
Luis Pascua
Jeremy Viray
Iggy Labiano

If there’s one thing I like about shows like Britain’s Got Talent, it’s how people emerge from their shells to be what they believe they were born to do.

Such is the case of Jack Higgins who’s been bullied ever since he felt the love for ballet. He’s been called names, been called gay (not that it’s wrong), been pulled down by every possible remark a young kid would ever have for staying out of the social norm. But 9 years into dancing and perfecting the craft, he finds himself with the right audience, the right people who could actually appreciate and feel your passion.

As Simon said it in the video, if there’s one thing bullies, and haters in our generation, don’t like, it’s when you do well.

Never stop believing in yourself and your own admiration towards what you love in life. Perfect yourself as how you see fit. It’s your life and you need to live it, and be happy.

Do what you love.

We would like to thank everybody for joining us in the 2nd coming of THE FLIGHT!

What’s THE FLIGHT? It’s a DJ act/concert tour that is partnered with our good ol’ friends from RP Events Team, where we bring the finest DJs and the Manila party feel around the nation. It’s been a proud claim by us that we made this kind of trend start in the Philippines with the whole aftermovie of the party to cap it all up! You may check our previous “Flights” party aftermovies down at this vimeo channel.

To start this leg off, we’ve partnered with Chaos Manila in the City of Dreams Manila featuring DJs Tip Fucoy, Jet Boado, Regiel Orocay, and MC Boo.

Next stop, a short Layover at URBN QC over at Timog, Quezon City!

Party with us!

Secret Fresh Gallery launched a collection by Devilrobots, aka Shinichiro Kitai, all the way from Tokyo and all those box-headedness went sold out!

Alongside Devilrobots, an exhibit by Egg Fiasco and JJ “Exld” Zamoranos was also unveiled under “Second Skin”. Alongside the event, EGGTEQ – Egg’s 12″ toy – also dropped. EGGTEQ is also available via Hidden Fortress Manila.

Love Army X Devilrobots X Egg Fiasco

Stumbled upon an interview on Make Your Mark Today by Mark Shapiro with Rory Kramer.

If you don’t know him yet, Rory is the guy responsible for some of the most awesome music videos online. The technique is pretty natural and authentic. His folio includes Justin Bieber, Avicii, The Chainsmokers, and Krewella, to name a few.

The Nights by Avicii

Rory claims never to have always been a hit and just kept on doing what he loves, which is making videos of him and his family. It was until he started working with 3LAU when people noticed him, and finally he started getting job offers to work with bigger names.

Dreams are Real.

Rory also runs a brand named Sapsimmeyun, which is defined as the struggle in one’s life and how they overcome that struggle to become the person they are suppose to be. Basically it’s who you are and what made you you! The perfect step to learn who you are, grow, and do what you love.

Be inspired, inspire others, and watch the world change.

Rory Kramer on: Youtube | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

I want to be the very best like no one ever was

… were words every adult of this generation would, without a doubt, know the continuation of!

As if we don’t feel old yet, Pokemon celebrates its 20th Anniversary on February 27 with a release of a video featuring many commemorative items that’s in store for 2016! That’s two (2) long decades of catching them all ever since Ash Ketchum left his humble city of Pallet Town in the Kanto Region.

Pokemon Expo Gym Osaka

Oh and by the way, aside from the Pokemon Center down in Tokyo, Japan-goers limited to Osaka are now able to visit the newly opened Pokemon Expo Gym.

For more info regarding the 20th Anniversay, visit

Trivia: Billy Crawford sang the intro song for the first Pokemon Movie

My favorite starter was Bulbasaur. Who was yours? #Pokemon20