Love Army Floral 5-Panel Camper Cap

We’re trying to bring something fresh in the Filipino lifestyle table.

As earlier posted in our Facebook page, Love Army 5-panel campers caps are on the way! This is one of the few designs that are being materialized, which hopefully people would like – reactions are very positive so far!

Will be posting more cap designs soon as days progress.

These are to hit Manila soon so stay tuned.

Inspired by the latest release in the Nike SB Janoski line, a new Insignia design was born. I’ve adapted the design’s patterns to come up with my own and maybe add a little more unique elements into it.

Love Army Insignia: Black Florals Nike SB Janoski Black FloralsStill wondering though if I should actually put this on a Black tee or colored one like Navy Blue. No other perfect match of a shirt for that pair!